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Group Lessons

Our friendly group lessons are the prefect place to learn, practice and improve in a stress-free way, while having fun! We make sure that you understand everything during the lesson, and we focus on meaningful, natural communication.

Is this
for me?

If you have learned a few words, or understand very basic sentences, then yes, it is for you! If you can read a lot but you find it difficult to speak in a spontaneous manner, then yes, it is for you! Currently focusing on lower level students, but all are welcome! 

The method

Our lessons may look very spontaneous and easy, but there is actually a very sound pedagogical theory behind them. We use comprehensible input with a large amount of repetition to encourage natural language acquisition (like the way kids learn their first language). If you would like to learn more about the theory behind our classes, visit the About page.

I want more

If the group lessons are not your cup of tea, or you just want to accelerate your progress, you can always sign up for private lessons! Have total control over the content of your lessons with a flexible schedule, and reach your language goals faster!

 To sign up for private lessons, visit the About page.

A sample story from a recent class
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 8.35.43 PM.png
"It was the first class I've taken that uses the story telling method. I've heard it was a very novel method, but I didn't imagine it was so funny!  Also, I loved the way Eszter teaches!" —Current Student
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