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Hungarian Video Lessons

Instead of explaining Hungarian, our videos let you just listen to the language!

No English, no explanations (you can find those in the accompanying document), just clear, natural input!

Our subtitled video lessons feature carefully composed, simple sentences with high-frequency words. Each video comes with a document containing a full transcript, a translation and a word-by-word breakdown of the sentences.

Check out our playlists!
Stories - best for absolute beginners

Simple stories with limited grammar and lots of repetition. Great for building vocabulary and to getting familiar with basic sentences structures.

Example video:
Simple Hungarian - best for building your foundation

Videos on a wide range of topics with carefully scripted text. Sentences are simple but natural, great for improving listening skills.

Example video:

If you have questions about these videos, or if you would like more guidance with your Hungarian journey, get in touch! I offer free consultations and also private classes.

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